What Is Involved With C1 Licence Driver Training London

If you want to drive a van, truck or large goods vehicle under 7.5 tonnes, you will be required to pass a C1 driving test.

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In order to successfully complete the test and be issued the relevant licence, you will first need some C1 Driver training.

There are a number of factors involved with C1 training:

1. The Requirements

You will need to fulfill the following requirements before starting C1 licence driver training in London:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have a category B licence to drive a light motor vehicle or car. Category A licences for motorcycles will not be sufficient.
  • Pass a large goods vehicle medical exam and complete the related D4 Medical Form with you General Practitioner (GP) or other accredited medical practitioner.
  • A provisional C1 licence which you can apply for through the Driver and Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA) by completing form D2.
  • Pass the C1 theory test through the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

2. Finding A C1 Training Provider

All category C1 trainers are required to be qualified and approved through the DVSA. Training through a non-accredited provider is not recommended. It is also advisable to choose providers who offer one-on-one training where you will receive instruction on an individual basis rather than as part of a class.

You should be able to find a number of different training schools online and request quotes from each of them. Fees should only vary slightly between the different providers. You should opt for a training course that runs for 2 to 4 complete days to ensure that all the necessary points are covered.

You can opt for 4 hour sessions that will take more days to complete if you cannot dedicate an entire day at a time to the training. It is optimal to spend as much time behind the wheel during the training time rather than learning the theory.

However, if you already have some experience driving a large goods vehicle, you may not need extensive driving training. Ask your provider whether they will assess your current experience and choose or tailor a course to meet your requirements. This will save you money in the long run but is only recommended for drivers who have at least some experience. If you don’t have the experience and limit your training time, it might impact on your success in passing the practical test first time around.

3. Test Day

Your training provider should supply you with a large goods vehicle to perform your practical exam on the last day of your course. The practical exam will be taken at the DVLA and will take 2 hours to complete. It is beneficial to have a last training session on the same day as the practical test.

If you were issued a valid B category driving licence (for light motor vehicles or cars) before 1997, you are not required to have C1 licence training London or to take the relevant driving test. These drivers are automatically granted C1 status.

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