Car and Trailer (Category B+E) Licence

Do you need to tow a trailer and require the B+E licence category?

Whether you are towing a horsebox, caravan or large trailer, if you obtained your car driving licence after 1997, you are legally required to obtain a B+E licence.

Driver training and instruction with TrainDrive

Don’t leave your horse out in the cold when it comes to transporting them. Are you struggling to find someone who can drive the Horse Box? We offer Category B+E licence training which, upon successful completion, you will be able to drive.

We offer a wide range of courses to suit your requirements with corporate or private training available.

TrainDrive B+E course options and fees:

If you have experience already reversing trailers we would recommend a one day course 7 hours this includes the test on the afternoon the same day.

£350 plus VAT plus £115 test fees no VAT  = £535 fully inclusive

If you have no experience with reversing trailers we recommend a two day course 14 hours this includes the test on the afternoon of the second day.

£600 plus VAT plus £115 test fees no VAT  = £835 fully inclusive

We undertake the training in either a manual Vito van or a manual VW Caddy van both would be towing a modern 1.7 tonne trailer.

Please if you have further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

TrainDrive use a comfortable Mercedes Vito van or VW Caddy van, both towing a modern trailer for this course.

Category B+E VW Caddy van and trailer

You will master reversing, coupling and uncoupling the trailer plus a general improvement in your driving.

Companies can also benefit from staff attending our Trailer Handling Course in order to give employees the knowledge to tow and reverse large trailers safely, reducing risk, damage and injury.

Use the Booking Form or email us at or call us on 01322 901 306 for a tailored price.


What can I drive once I get a BE licence?

You can drive a vehicle with a Maximum authorised mass (MAM) of 3,500kg with a trailer.  (MAM means the weight of a vehicle or trailer including the maximum load that can be carried safely when it’s being used on the road).

The size of the trailer depends on the BE ‘valid from’ date shown on your licence. If the date is:

  • before 19 January 2013, you can tow any size trailer
  • on or after 19 January 2013, you can tow a trailer with a MAM of up to 3,500kg

Driving Licences    More info on Driving Licence categories, and terms like “unladen weight” and “down-plating” on GOV.UK


Why use TrainDrive?

  • Our instructors are friendly, fully qualified and experienced.
  • We will give you the very best training over a 1 or 2 day period, with 1-1 tuition and the use of a modern easy to use vehicle coupled with a twin axle trailer that is weighted to the DSA Test Requirements.
  • TrainDrive offer a wide range of courses to suit your requirements, with corporate or private training available.



High pass rate with car & trailer licence tests using TrainDrive car and trailer course

TrainDrive will prepare you for the car and trailer practical test. You will learn:


  1. Vehicle safety – in order to answer the 5 ‘show me, tell me’ questions that will be asked during your test.
  2. Driving ability – dual-carriageways, one-way systems, motorways
  3. Reversing exercise – you will learn how to reverse the trailer into a space.
  4. Uncoupling and coupling – during the test you will have to show this
  5. Driving Standards – We have years’ of experience of correcting driving faults and preparing trainees for very demanding DVSA Driving Tests

No theory test required for B+E Category

It’s also possible to use your own vehicle or trailer. But it must comply with the requirements for the driving test and you must have adequate insurance cover to include driver training.

For more info, take a look at the DVSA website, email us at or call us on 01322 901 306.

Car and Caravan

Should a candidate fail a test, the test report will be analysed and a further retraining programme will be proposed as appropriate.



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