Various Benefits Of Having An LGV Drivers Licence In The UK

Large Goods Vehicle drivers (aka LGV drivers) or Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers (HGV drivers) are in short supply in the UK.


LGV Driver Training

A research study has found that almost 60% of the current LGV drivers are over the age of 45 whereas the percentage of HGV drivers under the age of 25 is just 2%.

Consequently, it is estimated that there is a current shortage of around 45,000 LGV drivers in the UK. This shortage is expected to reach up to 150,000 drivers by 2020. It has also been reported that 25% fewer people acquired new driver licenses in 2013 as compared to the year 2008.

While the demand for LGV drivers was always there, the economic recession meant that people did not feel the consequences of lack of fresh recruits in the industry. However, the shortage has finally caught up with the industry.

This shortage for qualified LGV drivers is so acute that it is estimated that there are nine vacancies for a lorry driver in Northamptonshire for every single qualified candidate. This problem is spread all across the country.

The logistics operators estimate that the average age of a current LGV driver in UK is 53 which is much higher than the national average. In simple terms, many people are going to retire in the coming few years whereas there are fewer young people to replace them.

Due to this shortage of drivers, it is also expected that the wages for the qualified lorry drivers may rise as the economy cannot function without lorry drivers taking goods from the factories and ports to the store shelves.

Another advantage of training as a LGV driver is that as the economy grows, there will be need for more lorry drivers as people will consume more goods that need to be supplied to the stores. Overall, career as a LGV driver seems full of promises and good wages.

The logistics sector is currently the fourth biggest employer in the UK. The economy cannot function without experienced lorry drivers and they are the driving force of the economy.

Benefits of Becoming a Lorry Driver

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a LGV driver is that you can be assured of employment once you clear the required tests and have a proper LGV drivers license. As mentioned in the beginning, experts estimate a shortage of around 150,000 LGV drivers by 2020 which means that you can have a successful career as an LGV driver in the future.

The unemployment rate in UK is high but the logistics sector is the only sector that promises growth in the future. As far as the wages are concerned, it depends a lot on the number of hours you work and who you work for. Estimates range from £500 per week to £40,000 annually.

There is a lot of room for growth when it comes to LGV drivers. There are constant challenges due to different terrain in various parts of the country. As their driving skills grow, drivers can carry more fragile loads that offer bigger salary.

The logistics sector is one industry where one does not get bored as is often the case with the monotony of an office lifestyle. The country depends on the logistic sector and nothing will work without qualified lorry drivers.

As far as becoming a lorry driver is concerned, there are a number of reputable training centres that can help you in clearing the required tests at an affordable cost. So, if you have been thinking of choosing a career, give a serious thought to working as an LGV driver and acquire an LGV drivers license.

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