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Need Some Trailer Training ? Kent London Essex Surrey

Do you want to tow a horse box, caravan or large trailer over 750kg ? You are legally required to obtain a UK B+E licence.

Why use Traindrive for your trailer training ?



  • Our “instructors” are friendly, fully qualified and experienced.

  • We will give you the very best training over a 1 or 2 day period, with 1-1 tuition and the use of a modern easy to use vehicle coupled with a TWIN AXLE TRAILER that is weighted to the DSA Test Requirements.

  • Traindrive offer a wide range of courses to suit your requirements with corporate or private training available.


For our Car & Trailer Course Prices required please visit our page –

Fees for B & E Licence

Use the Booking Form or email us at or call us on 07973 731241 or 01959 571530 (AFTER OFFICE HOURS) for a tailored price.


High Pass rate with Traindrive trailer training courses !



Traindrive will prepare you for the The car and trailer practical test. You will learn 

  1. Vehicle safety – in order to answer the 5 ‘show me, tell me’ questions that will be asked during your test.
  2. Driving ability – dual-carriageways, one-way systems, motorways
  3. Reversing exercise – self explanatory you will learn how to reverse the trailer into a space.
  4. Uncoupling and recoupling – during the test you will have to show this
  5. Driving Standards – We have years of experience at putting right peoples driving faults and preparing them for very demanding DSA Driving Tests

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