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Car and Trailer / Van and Trailer – Category B+E

Car and Trailer / Van and Trailer – Category B+E

Looking to tow a trailer? We offer car and trailer driver training to get you the licence you need.

If you obtained your driving licence after 1997, you might be legally required to obtain a B+E licence to tow a trailer.


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Horsebox Driver Training

Horsebox Driver Training

Do you have a horse or horses that you have to transport between locations, perhaps between the stable and the showground?

Horsebox Driver Training


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Are you looking to drive a horsebox Cat C vehicle

ruby passes first time at Cat C to drive a horsebox
Congratulations to Ruby on successfully completing her Category C driver training with Traindrive of Dartford Kent – located by the M25 at Dartford Bridge

Traindrive – providing LGV Category C driver training for horsebox owners in London and Kent

First of all we would like to congratulate Ruby on passing her category C practical driving test. Now she can drive her horsebox. As a result of training with us, she passed first time with only 4 minor faults today! That’s fantastic and because of this she can get ready for a busy competition season ahead with her horses. We wish you a very successful year competing.


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HGV Driver walk around check

What you need to know as a Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver

This is the first in our series of helpful information for Vocational Licence Holders – HGV (LGV ) / PCV etc

TrainDrive heavy goods vehicle HGV driver tips

There are many responsibilities of a vocational driver and these include being professional and law abiding on the road and also things like daily vehicle checks. For every vehicle on the road, it is down to the driver to make sure it is roadworthy and legal. Ultimately, the driver is responsible for the vehicle they are driving. Therefore, it is very important that prior to driving on the public roads, each driver thoroughly checks the vehicle for any defects etc.

The driver should spend sufficient time checking all the major parts of the vehicle in respect of safety equipment and routine items. At the very least each time a vehicle is taken out of a depot for example, the driver should have checked the following:

  • Wheels (including nuts)
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Bodywork in general
  • Trailer Coupling
  • Load safety and security
  • Mirrors

Nowadays, driving a large goods vehicle on the streets of the United Kingdom is a challenging task to say the least. Especially in built up areas such as London. When driving in city centres, drivers rely heavily on mirrors and these should all have been checked prior to commencement of the journey. Furthermore, the required mirrors should be in place for example:

  • Class II – normal rear view mirror
  • Class IV – wide angle rear view
  • Class V – side close proximity
  • Class VI – front projection

These are explained in more detail on the TfL Safe Lorry Scheme website.

Here are some links to the TfL PDF documents:

Safer Lorry Scheme poster

Full wording of the scheme’s Traffic Regulation Orders

List of vehicles exempted from the scheme

Exemption for trailers with sliding bogies

Exemption for HGVs fitted with indirect vision devices

Vehicle compliance guide: class V and VI mirrors

Vehicle compliance guide: side guards


Cyclists are all too vulnerable to heavy goods vehicles and drivers need to safeguard themselves to prevent collisions. This includes simple things such as ensuring the indicators work correctly, the audible reversing and turning alarms work as they should and that there is sufficient view out of each window / windscreen which is not blocked by items such as satellite navigation systems and TV’s etc.

Keeping good clear unrestricted vision all around the vehicle is essential to prevent collisions and ultimately prosecutions.

The Gov website offers a large amount of advice for drivers and those looking to become vocational licence holders. For more information on the Heavy Goods Vehicle Daily Walk Around Check, visit the following website:


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