Trust Traindrive For High Quality LGV Training Courses in London

If you’re looking for high-quality LGV training, London is a great place to find many reputable courses that can give you the training you need.

In particular, one of the best companies to choose has to be Traindrive, who are one of the most well-respected and popular training services in the London area. In this guide, you’re going to discover several reasons why it’s a good idea to choose Traindrive when it comes to passing your LGV test and acquiring your license. Keeping this in mind, let’s learn more.

First of all, an LGV license has two different classes, known as LGV class 2 and LGV class 1. However, you will be required to pass the class 2 test before undergoing the next test, but you can trust Traindrive to give you the expert tuition you need to master both license requirements in a very short period of time.

As you’d expect, you will begin with LGV class II training which will teach you how to pass the training in a full-sized vehicle. For the course, you will be driving a full-sized 18T Scania 260 94D, which will certainly give you a good experience of driving a larger vehicle. What’s more, this class of vehicle is very similar to the vehicle you will be driving once you have passed your test, especially if you’re going to be working as a hauler or supply driver.

It’s also worth noting that the course is fully comprehensive, and for a price of under £1000 you will receive all of the training you need in order to pass both your theory and practical tests. Of course, if in the unlikely event you do not pass your test the first time, then a further program of training can be developed to specifically target your weak spots and overcome any issues that may have caused the setback.

Once you have mastered class 2 LGV driving, you can always continue your training even further by applying for the class I LGV course which will really broaden your career prospects and allow you to drive an even bigger vehicle.

For this training, you will be behind the wheel of a 40T Scania R Series 480 with tri-axle box trailer. Not only is this vehicle a pleasure to drive, but it will also give you an excellent grounding and crucial experience that will be invaluable once you begin your employment as a driver of one of these larger vehicles.

Ultimately, taking the time to attend one of the courses created by this top trainer will be a fantastic benefit to your career, and allow you to earn a bigger income. It’s worth noting that once you have passed these tests, it’s not uncommon to earn an income of up to £40,000 a year which is certainly great motivation to follow through and master these two licenses.

So if you are considering the possibility of signing up to LGV training London-based course, you’re making a wise investment in your future. Book Here

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