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£100* for CPC Training Module 4 if conducted alongside our LGV class 2 course

£100* for CPC Training Module 4 if conducted alongside our LGV class 2 course

If you choose Traindrive for your LGV Class 2 category C licence, then take advantage of their special offer


*Traindrive currently charge £100.00 + VAT for module 4 if conducted alongside the LGV class 2 course or £265.00 + VAT if done separately. ( excludes £55 test fee )

you will be required to complete a Driver CPC Module 4 Practical Demonstration Test at a cost of £55.00, as part of obtaining your Category C licence, the training will be carried out in a fully serviced full size 18T Scania 260 94D.

Traindrive is an approved Periodic CPC training provider authorised by the JAUPT approval body No.AC00774.

The Driver CPC Module 4 test takes place at the practical test centre and the examiner will test your knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Loading the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use
  2. Ensuring security of the vehicle and contents
  3. Ability to prevent criminality and trafficking of illegal immigrants
  4. The ability to assess emergency situations
  5. Preventing physical risk – Emphasis on daily walk round vehicle safety checks

After successfully completing Driver CPC Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 the driver will be able to drive professionally and will be sent a Driver Qualification Card, which must be carried whilst driving.

In order to obtain your Class 2 LGV licence you need to:

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