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Theory Test (Module 1)

Once you receive your licence back from DVLA you can book and take your theory and hazard perception test.

You can book your theory in a number of ways.

You can:

  • Call the DSA on 0300 200 1122
  • Book online at
  • Or let us do it for you.
  • Use the Booking Form or
  • call us on 01322 901 306 for full information.

You will need your driver number (found on your licence) and a credit or debit card card.

DSA will advise you of the theory test centre that is close to you.

The theory and hazard perception are two separate examinations.

Module 1A

To pass the theory test (Module 1A)  you are required to answer 100 multiple choice questions.

You must get at least 85 correct to be awarded a pass. The theory test exam lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

“The official LGV Theory Test Book” is highly recommended as an ideal learning tool as well as familiarisation with the Highway Code.

You can also practice mock theory tests via the DSA website.

Module 1B

The hazard perception test (Module 1B) consists of 20 hazard clips, you are required to identify potential hazards as and when they appear on the screen.

It is highly recommended you acquire The Official Hazard Perception CD ROM.

The required pass-mark is 67 out of 100.

If you fail the hazard perception test but have passed the theory test, then you only resit the hazard perception test, and vice versa.

The DSA fee* is £26.00 for the Multiple theory test and £11.00 for the hazard perception test.

Case Study Theory Test  (CPC Module 2) – For commercial drivers only

This test must be sat at DSA approved theory test centre.

If you wish to drive commercially you must pass the CPC module 2.

You will be asked a variety of questions with multiple choice answers.

The exam will use diagrams, video clips, text and audio to help illustrate the questions.

Each test will consist of 7 case studies.

In turn you will be asked 6-8 questions per case study.

The DSA fee* is £23.

*DSA prices correct as of August 2017 via


The DSA Practical Tests

MODULE 3 (Practical Driving Test)

On the final day of your driving course, you will attend a DSA driving test centre in order to take a Module 3 (Practical Driving Test).

The test is taken with a DSA approved examiner.

You must be able to demonstrate competence and safety throughout your drive.

It is anticipated the test will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

MODULE 4 (CPC Demonstration Test)

Module 4 is a separate practical test that lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

It will normally be conducted after your practical driving test (module 3), however you can take either module first.

It is anticipated approx 4 hours training is required to prepare adequately for this test.

The DSA examiner will ask questions such as, but not limited to the vehicle and load safety and security.

You must demonstrate your answers using a vehicle and various restraining devices.

For example, part of the module 4 test may be to carry out a pre-use vehicle check or demonstrate how you would secure a load using various restraining devices.

Training is essential to ensure success.

You must achieve 80% minimum to succeed.

However you must get at least 75% in each subject area (5 areas) to ensure success.

Traindrive course fees:

  • DSA Module 3 test fee £115 (VAT exempt) NB: Traindrive training/vehicle use fees apply
  • Module 4 training ( including instructor and vehicle hire for the test): £265 + VAT
  • DSA Module 4 test fee £55 (VAT exempt)

Please use the Booking Form or

Tel: 01322 901 306
Mob: 07973 731274