LGV (C) HGV Class 2 Training

A Class 2 or Category C or Rigid licence is the smaller of our LGV training fleet. LGV drivers will always be in demand. Suppliers or hauliers need to transport goods from A to B and that requires a driver too!

We operate a fully serviced full size 18T Scania 260 94D for this course.

This ensures that your training gives you valuable experience in a full sized training vehicle, representing the reality of your first day of employment.



Module 4 Training

Traindrive currently charge £100.00 + VAT for module 4 if conducted alongside the lgv course or £265.00 +VAT if done separate. ( excludes £55 test fee )



In order to obtain your Class 2 LGV licence you need to:

Traindrive courses are behind the wheel ‘on the road’ training with an DSA Advance Driving Instructor. The ratio of trainee to trainer is usually 1:1. Alternatively, you may choose a 2:1 training course for a longer period. Traindrive Class 2 course fees:

Traindrive Class 2 course fees:

  • £980 + VAT
  • DSA test fee £115 (VAT exempt)

Should a candidate fail a test, the test report will be analysed and a further programme will be proposed as appropriate.

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